• Adrián Vega



This international choreographer who who was awarded the scholarship as a result of winning the Tetuán District Choreography Contest in 2021 will visit us from June 1-7 with his “Los Lunares del Puma” program.

He is a graduate of the Institut del Teatre, guest professor at the professional Barcelona Dance Conservatory and a post Hip Hop artist who works within the language of dance.

His particular choreographic interest lies in the hybridization and speculation of the vocabulary ​​of motion. Adrián Vega takes advantage of digital proximity to explore performative video-blogging, a place where the virtual and face-to-face converge to stimulate curiosity. The artist explores the idea of ​​the creative process as an artistic result in itself.

“Los Lunares del Puma” is a voyeur experience where we can enter the rehearsal room of an artist.

The process of listening to oneself, understanding the interculturality, the corporeal and sound patrimony generated by an encounter with dance
Adrian will be accompanied by Marina Pravkina.